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Kitesurfing  lessons


You've come to the right place to discover everything you need to know about kitesurfing lessons. Whether you're a beginner eager to catch the wind or looking to advance your skills, we've got you covered. Dive into our comprehensive resources to learn about:

During the kite lessons full equipment is included in the price.

For a better communication with the instructor, and for the safety reasons , our instructors are always behind students.

Important Information

We work with a maximum of two people at a time, ensuring personalized attention and safety. Each person gets their own hour-long session, during which they can switch between using the kite. This setup allows for focused learning and ample practice time, ensuring that both individuals get the most out of their kitesurfing experience.

Theory duration is around 1.5h on the shore


  • Spot and wind evaluation

  • Theory of flying a kite

  • Setting up the equipment

  • Safety rules and systems

  • First flight of the kite with short lines

We start on land with the theory and a safety briefing and then get straight into the water.

You exercise to control the kite and understand its power (by using the short lines and trainer kite ).

You learn to control the kite with two hands, with only one hand and how to relaunch it from the water.

Second  day ( lessons) duration is around 1h per person, Boat lesson


  • Kite control with long lines

  • Directional Body drag in the water

  • Body drag upwind to recover the board

  • First steps of board standing techniques

Day two is all practical.

We get straight in the water with longer lines kite and, after refreshing the exercises of day one, we start body dragging in all directions and learn how to body drag upwind.

We practice recovering the board and start getting up on it.

Third - fift day ( lessons) duration is around 1h per person, Boat lesson


  • Board standing techniques

  • First water starts

  • Navigation

Your third day is a practical one too.

We continue with the board work, setting up water start technics aiming to get you traveling in both directions and stopping.

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